These are not all my publications, in fact, a couple of the articles listed here are not even by me. This list includes only publications relating to Kierkegaard, or to Denmark. There is a complete list of my publications on my website


Rot in the Ivory Tower

Translating Kierkegaard

Not a Seducer

Excerpts from Kierkegaard’s Repetition

Review of Kierkegaard’s Journals and Notebooks

Nordic nadir for nepotism

“An Unscholarly Biography of Kierkegaard,” by Peter Tudvad

“Kierkegaard Among the Biographers,” by C. Stephen Evans

“Kierkegaard and Murdoch on Knowledge of the Good”

“The Epistemology of the Postscript”

“The Dangers of Indirection”

“Good Faith”

“The Place of the World in Kierkegaard’s Ethics”

“The Dangers of Clarity: Can Kierkegaard’s Ambiguities be Translated?”

“The Reality of the World in Kierkegaard’s Postscript

“Kierkegaard on Religious Knowledge”

“A Little Light Music: The Subversion of Objectivity in the Fragments

“Kierkegaard on Rationality”

“The Fullness of Faith”


Ways of Knowing

Repetition and Philosophical Crumbs

Fear and Dissembling: The Copenhagen Kierkegaard Controversy (forthcoming)


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